Jupiter Legal is a full service law firm with dedicated practice areas in the following fields:

  • Corporate Laws
    • Business Structuring
    • Company Law Matters & Corporate Governance
    • FEMA and Foreign Direct Investment
    • Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Angel Investing
    • Projects, Banking & Finance
    • SEBI, Capital Markets, and Fund Raising
    • Secretarial Support & Compliances
  • Commercial Laws
    • Commercial Agreements, Stamp Duty Adjudication & Transaction Support
    • Contracts and Specific Performance
    • Real Estate and Property Law, Stamp Duty and Transaction Support
  • General Legal Support
    • Alternate Dispute Resolution – Mediation and Arbitration
    • Legal Representation
    • Litigation Support
    • Medical Negligence & Criminal Matters
  • Infrastructure
    • Offshore and Marine Law
    • Ports, Highways, and Power Projects

We also liaise with Associates to provide comprehensive and coordinated services in the fields of Direct and Indirect Taxation, Intellectual Property, Negligence, Torts and Civil Liabilities, Criminal Law, Medico-legal Law, and Family Law.
We provide the complete gamut of services related to the practices areas, including Legal Opinions & Advice, Drafting & Vetting of Documents, Compliances, Statutory Permissions and Representing our Clients in litigation and at different judicial and quasi-judicial forums.
Presently our Firm, has its main offices in Mumbai, Thane and Vashi with Associates’ Offices in Chandigarh, New Delhi and Nicosia in Cyprus.


Our Philosophy – Legal, Business plus Everything Matters
At Jupiter Legal, we are committed to understanding our clients' true business needs and taking pro–active steps to support them. We understand that Legal matters are an adjunct to the Business activities of our clients and our role focuses on all direct or indirect matters that can impact a client’s Business Plans and Strategic Growth. Hence, we strive to understand our clients and their businesses and establish long-term partnerships rather than one-off assignments.

Further, all Businesses operate in the social milieu, and it is our endeavour to harmonize our clients’ operations with the social and legal norms to ensure strong and enduring growth. Therefore, we focus on giving business oriented, innovative and practical legal solutions that help our clients grow in compliance with the applicable laws and customs, in every legal matter we accept.

The Firm is actively in the process of Collaborations with the Law Firms Globally. With the changes in dynamics of the Business Transactions, we believe that the Law firms should be prepared and have to play a key role which is positive & beneficial to support the business of our client in the major international business markets. Cross Border Transactions require enhanced support on legal issues as the losses arising out of Cross Border Litigation can be more severe than the revenue of those transactions. We invite different Law Firm / Firms Globally to collaborate with us for their needs in India and also for supporting us for our clients needs in their respective nations.

In the Asian Emerging Markets, India remains a Preferred Global Investment Destination. India is a fast-growing economy with a stable and robust financial system. Being a democracy ensures a stable policy environment and its independent institutions guarantee the rule of law and protection to foreign investors.
India is in the global center for increased foreign investment - both through Equity and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). India’s size and growth potential, make it attractive as a business market and it also provides a high Return on Investment. India is a free market democracy with a robust legal system & regulatory framework that gives confidence to free enterprise, entrepreneurship and risk taking.
In the last two decades, India has witnessed unparalleled levels of economic development & liberalization in regulatory policies. India remains a cost effective with availability of skilled labor and also having potential to create infrastructure in all sectors. India has benefited enormously from outsourcing of work from developed countries and had a strong manufacturing & export oriented industrial framework. India's growth forecast and rate of GDP growth in the coming years, strengthening infrastructure and younger population provides an ample opportunity of growth for foreign investment.
A foreign company not opting to be incorporated in India is allowed to operate its activities in India through any of the following offices:

  1. Liaison Office
  2. Branch Office
  3. Project Office

Our firm guides the foreign investors, companies and their advisors a broad legal perspective on doing business in India. The firm undertakes the entire legal assignment of foreign investments like making comprehensive entry strategy with various options, permissions and regulatory compliances in accordance with Automatic Route, Government Route and FIPB’s approval. The firm also manages the entire legal spectrum of obtaining Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permission, if required and Incorporation of Companies, Joint Venture Agreements and other related activities.